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Law Firm DEI through the lens of Belonging

Words for Belonging at work

March 20, 2024

For the interviews fueling this blog, here are some key words used:

Belonging:  From Alida Miranda-Wolff’s book, Cultures of Belonging:

Belonging is your sense that you are part of something greater than yourself that you value and need and that values and needs you back;  it cannot be achieved without factoring in social identity and use and misuse of power.

Practicing Belonging:  The specific things that law firms, practice groups, and partners actively do to build, or detract from, different lawyers’ sense of Belonging.

Identity:  In these interviews I ask lawyers how they identify themselves.  Their responses may allude to race, gender, age, class, ableness, other facets of diversity, or anything else that they share with me.  I do not ask them to speak on behalf of their identity, but instead, whether and how they believe their identity has had an impact on their sense of Belonging at work.